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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Google+ photos get more 'pop' with new dynamic range tool

So far, you've had to use Snapseed on your phone to add high dynamic range effects to Google+ photos after you've taken them -- not very convenient if you're at your computer. That won't be a problem after today, though. Google has brought its mobile apps' HDR Scape tool to the web-based photo editor in Google+, letting you brighten shadows and tone down highlights in a single step. And if you're fussy about your edits, it's now easy to zoom in and verify that everything is just right. The new tools are already available for some Google+ users, and they should reach the rest of the social network in the near future.

1. HDR Scape

With HDR Scape you can apply high dynamic range (HDR) effects to a single image, with a single click. HDR Scape is currently available in the Snapseed apps for Android and iOS, and today’s update brings the filter to Google+ on the web. You can see some examples here:

2. Zoom

Seeing your images up close is an important part of the editing process — from checking the focus point, to seeing how the “Drama” filter has changed your pixels. With today’s update, you can now use the magnifying glass to zoom in or out.

To give either feature a try, simply open one of your photos in Google+ (using the Chrome browser), and click “Edit.” We’re rolling out these updates gradually, so check back soon if you don’t see them yet.
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